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    Hi all,

    i have to write a (Delphi)db application which uses an ADO connection to connect to a MS SQL db. When data changes or new data is inserted in the db (by my application or another) the user has to get a message or the data has to be refreshed. I think, if new data is inserted or changed, the server has to fire an event to the application.

    I don't have much/any experience with MS SQL, so maybe this is a stupid question (and maybe not...), but is it possible to let my application know, when something has changed. If this is possible, how?


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    Re: Trigger

    Of course you can use triggers. Triggers could save info in special table about what tables were updated and what fields - your application has to check somehow (in background for instance) this table and pop up message about changes. You can use timestamp fields - they are very useful in this case.
    It is possible to use many scenarios for doing what you want.

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