Please help,

I have just upgraded a WAN of 4 sites from an NT server network to a win2k network. Unfortunately there is a piece of software running on my old Digital servers at each site called SCALA. This is our accounts package and requires Pervasive SQL Server Version 7. I have the SQL client installation CD, The Box and all licence documents but no CD for the SQL server Installation.

I have spoken to both SCALA and Pervasive, however it is no longer available and I would have to upgrade to the next version at a cost of over 40,000. As I am planning on changing our systems to another accounts package for a 10th of the price next year this is not an option.

The problem I have is Merlin, my NT server on a remote site is dying, both PSU's are on their last legs. All I need to do is get the accounts package transferred on to my new Win2k servers and they can go to a better place.

Does anyone know where I can get hold of a copy of Pervasive SQL v7 Server Installation CD????

In anticipation

John Moran
IT Manager
Simon Group PLC