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    Unanswered: Postgres & crystal report


    i am converting a database from MSSQL to postgres. i am using VB as front end tool. Crytal report is using as the reporting tool. in MSSQL we can pass arguments to stored procedures from crystal report and can use the rows returned by the stored procedure.
    how can i do the same in crystal report with postgres?
    i tried by creating a function that returns a setof records. the function works well. but when the funstion is added in crystal report it is not working. returns an error,
    "ERROR: Cannot display a value of type RECORD".

    please help to solve the probolem. my aim is to display the records returned by this function in the a report (using crystal report 4.5) .


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    Thumbs up Crystal Postgres !

    I have an experience using Postgresql with Crystal Reports, but with classic queries , never used SP, and through the ODBC, well known Crystal Reports gots it's own language tool that could be very usesfull ! try it !
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