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    Unhappy Unanswered: Authentication and Internet


    I just installed the lastest verion of ms sql server. I'm new to ms sql so please keep that in mind :-).

    I installed the server, and read through a large amount of the help documentation. I then created my nwind directory in my wwwroot folder.

    I created a new database, set that as the default database, then I created a simple table in this database with a few entries. I used

    http://<SERVERIP>/nwind?sql=SELECT+*+FROM+test+FOR+XML+AUTO&root=roo t

    to query and test my database. it worked, YAY. However at this point in the nwind properties I was using windows authentication.

    This worked fine for me, and accross the network. However its not a nice solution as I'd rather not make users log in. (incidently when I got people to test this across the internet they just saw a blank white page, not sure why).

    So I decided to use the third option on the security page. (forget the wording, but the option where you send a clear login text, or something to that affect).

    When I tested this, the browser said "cannot find server". and displayed the typical you've deleted everything signs. However when I changed it back to windows authentication is started working again.

    I then tested the always login as, and created an account. This gave me the same result.

    So now, basically I'm trying to get the third option (sending a clear login text) to work. But I have no idea what to do to fix it, and I can't find any useful documentation anywhere.

    Thanks A LOT for your time. I'm dieing to play with this but I can't seem to get it to work for me {:-(

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    Additional Info

    Hey, I forgot to mension

    I'm using Windows 2000 Pro

    ISS Server is installed and working fine. And wwwroot is the root dir of the webserver.

    .net is installed, and it has every patch (windows) I could find. There is no firewall running. I'm connected to the internet through a router.

    I'm forwarding the ports 20, 21, 40 to the computer (but I'm trying to view it internally so none of that should matter at this stage).

    thx again

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