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    Unanswered: msgbox appears behind form

    Access2000 FE and SQLServer2000 BE.

    I have a form that is used to enter data about real estate transactions for which I cannot see the code. When the close form button is clicked, the fields are checked and if any of the fields that are required do not have any entry, a message box is displayed indicating that required information along with the offending field. If a second required field has no entry, a second messagbox is displayed as soon as "OK" is clicked on the first message box.

    On some client machines, the second message box appears behind the input form, and since everything is waiting for a response to the message box, it appears that the application is locked up.

    Does anyone have any idea of what might cause this?

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    I've seen this behaviour before, and I've cured it by making sure that the form (your data entry form in this case) is not Modal.
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