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    Question Unanswered: Using an ASP page to import an excelsheet into mySQL

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do this, or a website that contains an example. I have been unable to found one so far.

    I want to have a user go to a ASP which allows them to select an excel file(this will ALWAYS be in the same format), take that excel file and import it into a mySQL database, then I will do some sorting and filtering out of data and redisplay an excel page on the browser where they will have the option to save the new data.

    I can display the data from a table in mySQL with no problem. I need assitance with the pulling apart of the excel sheet and placing them in a mySQL table.

    Using a text file I have done this already, but it is NOT possible to have this in any other format other then excel. If I have to export this in some form or another it is one more step for the accountants to have to do and that just doesn't work for them.

    Anyone ever pulled data right off a excel sheet? Or do I have to export it as a CSV or something to solve this (but this wouldn't really be a solution in mycase)?

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    I've not done this before, but this looks like a good article on pulling data from an Excel file.

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