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    Unanswered: Mschart Control

    Can anybody help me in showing the values on top of the bar . I am using MSCHART

    For example in Excel the following will display the values on top of the bar
    ActiveChart.ApplyDataLabels Type:=xlDataLabelsShowValue

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    Labeling the MSChart Control

    Hi, dude

    You can copy this piece of code after loading your code

    With MSChart1
    Set .DataSource = rs
    For i = 1 To .Plot.SeriesCollection.Count
    With .Plot.SeriesCollection(i).DataPoints(-1).DataPointLabel
    .LocationType = VtChLabelLocationTypeOutside
    .Component = VtChLabelComponentPercent
    .PercentFormat = "0%"
    .VtFont.Size = 12
    End With
    Next i
    End With

    hope it works, just make the necessary changes.

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