Hello Everyone,

I'm running a Perl Script to convert a number of deprecated database tables into my new schema. I wrote a specific script for it because the table designs were so different, many rules needed to be applied and I needed to perform multiple INSERTs...thus, I did not use 'mysqldump/mysqlimport', 'mysqlhotcopy' or 'LOAD DATA INFILE'.

Anyway, my program essentially reads the contents of a file....each record is queried against the NEW database to check for existance...if it doesn't exist, add it. Otherwise, go to the next record.

The program logic works fine...however, with the loop causing a number of repetitive queries, MySQL is sucking up a ton of resources on my box (i.e. 95% CPU). Should I worry about MySQL crashing the box or are there any safeguards built in? Or, does MySQL simply take ALL the resources it has available to it.

I'm guessing the program generates up to 100 queries per second....(no I haven't benchmarked...just a guess).

Is it common to write prorams that are so DB intensive....????

Just looking for your thoughts.....