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Thread: mdf file format

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    Lightbulb Unanswered: mdf file format

    Can anybody tell me the structure i.e the file format of a .mdf file. I have searched the net in vain.
    I know that it has a 8kb header, but i want to know the exact format so that i can get the offsets of various information such as tables, data etc

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    Question MDF File Format

    I too am looking for information on the format of mdf files.

    I am trying to find out why mdf files which contain the same binary data (in terms of the data of the files inside the mdf) produce different checksums. I assume the reason must be because each mdf file contains something in its structure that changes independantly of what data is stored inside the file. For example maybe each mdf file stores the file creation date or some other information.

    Even if someone has information on the format of mds files this would be a help.


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    The MDF structure is described in fair detail in Inside SQL Server 2000. There isn't anything like a fixed structure that has tables, procedures, views, etc at fixed offsets like you'd find in a DBF or similar file manager.


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