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    Unanswered: cbo boxes w/ many values - scroll lag

    This question has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find a previous post.

    I have a combo box populated by a query, and there are quite a few values (1500) in it. When I enter the drop-down list, I have to 'scroll' down many, many times before the list is fully populated (to 'Z' in an alpha list of names). For example, the first time I pull the scroll down to the bottom of the bar, I see the C's. The next time, the G's, then the I's, etc.. until finally the Z's show up.

    Once I get to 'Z' - the end of the list - scrolling up or down is quick and easy, across the entire range of values. Is there a way to prevent the user having to do this 'repeat scrolling' in order to see the last few names, so that the entire range is available on the first scroll?

    Thank you.

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    not a direct answer to your question, but could you not encourage users to type the first letter (e.g. "Z") in the combo. with 1500 items in the combo, it's a pain to scroll through however fast it is.


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