Having updated my test server with sp3 (yup, I know I'm not exactly 'the early bird' here... ) problems far beyond my grasp has arised!

The setup:

Client: Win2K connected to a large corporate network. Client software installed, no sp added as of yet (sp3 is only for serverside, right?).

(test)Server: W2KAdvanced, installed as a 'stand alone' - meaning connected to the network, but only as a database server. (So no Windows Authentication possible here).

Problem: I can create, edit and execute DTS packages from the client (choosing 'store on sql server'), but while using Enterprise Manager on the server I get an error if i try to open any DTS package. From the server I'm only able to create and delete packages - design, execute and schedule fails (with error as described below).

Further observations: The problem seems to be connected to 'server side connection to the server'. When saving a DTS package on the server (via Enterprise Manager running on the server) the drop down for location (server) defaults to [INSERT_MY_SERVERNAME], but when drop down is activated the servername is replaced with a '(local)'. The save goes fine (using servername here only instigates an error) - but the package cannot be accessed from the server. The very same package can, however be accessed from the client side??

The error is [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen(Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.
Followed by: The selected package cannot be opened. The DTS Designer has been closed.

Well, that's my problem - I really, really need all the help I can get!