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    Unanswered: exporting records to accounting program

    I created a FM ap that we use in our business for calculating the number of copies a custimer run each month, then we export into anoth FM ap that creates an invoice. We are currently using an old version of Great Plain Accounting (really old) and we export out of the FM invoice program and import each record into Great Plains.

    We are having to change to another accounting program (mybo first edge for the Mac). When I try to into in, instead of importing each created invoice (we have over 1,000), it only inports the first one BUT uses the data from all of them creating one giant invoice in the accounting program.

    I am using tab seperated, when I contacted myob, they said that the exported needed a blank line in between each invoice to know it is a seperate invoice. When you export in tab or comma (the only format myob uses) it does not put the blank line.

    They suggested exporting into excell and manually inserting a line after each invoices data but this will not work because of the number of invoices (over 1,000).

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Create a calculation field named "_carriage_return". It should return a text value, "".

    When you export, choose the new "_carriage_return" fields as the last field in the export order. Open your exported tab file in word pad - you should see the extra line between invoices.

    This may or may not work when importing into MYOB. The reason is that a carriage return can be represented in different ways, and I'm not sure if the exported version of FileMaker's character will match the line delimiter that MYOB is looking for.

    If it doesn't work, try opening the export file in wordpad and then replacing the character with whatever character MYOB requires.

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