I am having issues figuring out where to start with this. I am attempting to write a MSVC++ 6 console application that uses the Openlink General 32bit multi-tier 4.2 drivers to connect to an Informix database on a Solaris machine.

I have successfully made a DSN file that works to connect to the database with the demo application. The application will simply be fetching a 4 fields, taking that data and placing it into a specified string, and sending it via http. Everything is complete except for the actual fetching of the data.

A little more detail. The application will require no user input and will need to access the database once a day. 3 of the fields will be 4 byte integers. The 1 other field will be a date. The rest of the program is written in C, but C++ code would be fine for the ODBC portion.

The only other database access I have done before in C was using the ProC precompiler at a previous project at work. I am pretty confident with C/C++, I just feel very lost with using ODBC in those languages. Any help would be greatly appreciated!