I'll try to be clear on my problem. We have some Sql 7.0 servers that query Sql2K SP3 servers. When either a 7.0 server or a Sql2K server without SP3 runs a query against a Sql2K SP3 Server that generates an error with a severity level of 11 or more, it returns NULL. If the error is a severity of 10 or less, it returns just fine. Likewise, if I run the query with the severity of 11+ from Sql2K SP3 to Sql2K SP3, it works as well.

This is what I use to test. Put this on the Sql2K SP3 server:

Create Proc gsp_ErrorTest
Begin --procedure
Raiserror ('Test Error', 11, 1)
End --procedure

Run this on a server using 7.0 or Sql2K SP2.

Declare @RC int
Exec @RC = [servername].master.dbo.gsp_ErrorTest
Select @RC

I'm wondering if this is a BUG that needs reported or am I missing something?