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    customer and invoice address 1:1


    I have a CUSTOMER table that has customer name, address, tel etc. The customer address is not the same as the invoice address, but each customer will only have one invoice address, therefore a 1:1 relationship.

    Is it correct to put the two addresses in the same table, that is, custName, custAdd, custTel etc., and invName, invAdd, invTel etc. or should this be two tables, if so what are the advantages of this.

    Many thanks,


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    it's pretty much a wash

    how often do you run a query that needs customer name plus invoice address (i.e. non-key fields from both tables)? that's how often you do a join, which is less efficient

    how many times does the invoice address differ from the physical address (i.e. require a row in the second table)? that's how many "extra" rows you will have

    on the other hand, with null fields in one table, you won't really take any "extra" space (except for null bits, which are negligible), and you'll save yourself the bother of doing a join

    like i said, it's pretty much a wash, do it whichever way makes sense to you


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    Hi Rudy,

    Thanks for the help and advice,


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