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    Question Unanswered: Newbie help on db Table Design

    I am having trouble trying to model a database and hope
    that someone can help me here. I'm new at this and still

    I have a design that involves what I believe, needs are
    several small tables. One table is the main PROJECT table, an
    ALTERNATIVES table and (x) number of date tables that
    describe different date activities (these are differing
    dates for any given activity). I decided to use several
    smaller tables that involve differing date-related
    activities. I am trying to learn to design tables that do
    not have lots of blank fields and overhead low.

    Sooo...ONE *Project* table with uniquely identified Projects, any Project
    may have MANY Alternatives (1 -> Many Yes?) and each
    Alternative may have an entry in one, some or all of the
    supporting Date activity tables. So, I have inserted a
    foreign key (Proj_ID from tblPROJECTS) into the Alternatives
    table that points back to the Project table. So far, so
    good. I also assume that each date table would want a
    foreign key (Alt_ID from tblALTERNATIVES) from the
    Alternatives table to point back to it also.

    Problem is that when I plugged in some dummy data in the
    tables and setup a query based on all of this, I could not
    change or modify any of the text (Comments, Names, etc.)
    in resulting query. I used the Relationship editor to make sure that these were all set to 1-Many and connected all the like keys to each other in the relevant tables.

    The table setup looks a little like this;

    Proj_ID (Pri Key)

    Alt_ID (Pri Key)
    Proj_ID (Foreign Key)

    SSI_ID (Pri Key)
    Alt_ID (Foreign Key)

    RAW_ID (Pri Key)
    Alt_ID (Foreign Key)

    Where am i messing up?

    Thanks in advance for those that can teach the less


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    maybe it helps if u tell us what kind of database u r planning 2 create and /or what type.


    videotapes/dvd/movie database
    collection database(stamps, butterflies)
    registration database(like toy libraries: eg:

    the members of the toylibrary, the toys the library has in stock, the fees the members have to pay, what toys are available/ lent out reports etc etc)

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    Try changing the Recordset Type property on your query to equal "Dynaset (Inconsistent Update)". This should allow edits to your query's recordset to be reflected in the underlying tables.

    To change this property open your query and right click in the grey area where it lists the tables in the query. Choose "properties" from the popup menu. A Properties box should come up....the Recordset Type should be the 10th property down. If you want more info about the property press F1 when the cursor is in the Recordset Type property box.

    Hope this helps...

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