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    Arrow Unanswered: [Annoucemement] Dbtools 2.2.0 [Free Pgsql Tool]
    09/10/2003 - Release 2.2.0 is OUT

    We are pleased to announce the new release 2.2.0 of the DBManager Professional. It is a major bug fix bringing stability and performance to the application. Also it adds support to SQLite databases and Xbase Tables which you can manage using the same way you do for MySQL and PostgreSQL. In next version support for Interbase/Firebird will be available. Here is the list of changes:

    * Added support for SQLite Databases
    * Added support for Xbase Tables (Experimental)
    * Added filtering and ordering capabilities to the datasheet when editing table data
    * The DAO wizard can export data to a MSAccess Database
    * Fixed crash at startup (see message in the forums=>Bug Reports)
    * Fixed datasheet refreshing and drawing problems and some things were reimplemented to make things a little easier
    * Fixed database dump (was generating NULLs instead of the real data)
    * Fixed Table Editor (was showing TEXT instead of MEDIUMTEXT/LONGTEXT column type)
    * Removed MSAccess/DAO engine as catalog database holder. We are using the SQLite enigne which doesn't require any extra driver
    * Added more compatibilities with older versions of mysql and newer versions of PostgreSQL
    * Fixed bug when closing a query, datasheet or the application with queries opened. This caused crashes in some systems
    * Fixed the setup, which was installing an incorrect MFC version and creating a wrong key in the registry
    * Fixed a bug when converting data using the DAO Import Wizard, it didn't create the database and the process was stopped because the database didn't exist in the server
    * Fixed bug when creating users, sometimes it shows an empty error message box
    * Fixed drag and drop for tables and added drag and drop for databases
    * Added column sort on click in the datasheet when editing data
    * Fixed crash when connecting to a server at startup without passwords

    The new setup is quite smaller compared to old versions, since it doesn't install the DAO drivers anymore. Due to this, you need to install the drivers manually if you plan to import/export to MSAccess databases. Remember: when downloading the setup use the mirror already updated. You can use our forums to report bugs and give suggestions or request new features.

    Some Tips

    When managing SQLite databases or Xbase tables you don't need to create multiple connections, since you can map disk files (SQLite) and folders (Xbase) when creating a database. This reduces the overhead of having multiple connections for each database server. Information about SQLite can be found at

    The Xbase support is experimental and based on code from ALX Soft. It doesn't support creating indexes and some features available in some Xbase Tables type. Also, since the Xbase table still holds the deleted records they will be shown as a regular record in the Datasheet View, even when deleted, but your application (Dbase, Clipper, FoxPro, etc) won't see them.

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    Which os'es are supported?

    Can you place a list of supported operating systems.

    Thanks boa
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    Arrow :o:

    Oh, just Windows platforms
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