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    Unanswered: Paradox 4.5 with XP/2000 server

    I'm running a commercially available program which has been written in Paradox 4.5 with a BDE of 5.11.
    I'm running it on XP Pro workstations (SP1) and a 2000 server (SP4). Reports take ages to run. If I copy the data onto my PC and run a report it takes 1.5mins -if I run the same report from the server it takes 7 mins. Anything running on the PC (such as an e-mail pop-up message) causes the video of the Paradox program to be interrupted and leave a hole in the picture. The supplier insists it will run on XP but has only tried it on XP Home.
    I've tried program compatibility on the server set to 16 bit compatibility (which is what I'm assuming this) but it makes no differerence. Any ideas?

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    It sounds like the problem isn't the program per se but the available memory (including hard disk space) on server or the transport speed of your network connection. Whether the report is run from your machine or the server the actual process is going on on your client machine and the server is actually onlys sending the data table information to paradox upon request. It sounds like the server is having problems sending the data files in a responsive manner. Another issue could be that on the network since the database is shared, if the report is query based than people working on the database could be initiating and releasing locks as well as changing data. The query could be set to restart upon change s to the underlying table which would not occur if the dat is first transferred locally. The change in the table would restart the query regardless of whether the change affected the data in the report.

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