Help.....I am very new to all of this and hope someone can help me

I have a combo box on a "Client Form" that lists Developer names taken from a Table called "Developer" and stored in "Developer" field of the "Client Table"

I would like to be able to double click the Combo Box Field and have a Popup Form appear giving the Details of the developer e.g. Name, Address, Tel etc but relating to the current record.

So if I am on the record for "Bloggs" and his Developer is "Smith"

Double click on the Combo Box where "Smith" has already been entered and the Popup Box Appears with the details for the Developer "Smith"

I have managed to get the popup form to appear but the Developer details are not showing the correct developer details for each client...s

ce a developer has been selected and saved to the client I I would like to be able to do