I would like to know if the following scenario will work (or whether it's feasible):

1) Primary goes down.
2) Secondary is changed to standard and then backed up.
3) Backup is then restored to the Primary.
4) Do Backup of primary again.
5) Do onmode -d primary <sec_name> on Primary.
6) Do ontape -p on Secondary.
7) Do onmode -d secondary <pri_name> on Secondary.
8) Logs are then sent to Secondary and HDR starts.

I would like to test this scenario because I know the Secondary contains the most up-to-date transactions ( Rather than relying on the Secondary sending them over the network to the Primary after I restore the latest backup to the Primary - this is the normal Disaster Recovery Process as prescribed by the Informix Admin Guide).

As for my scenario above, do I really need to do steps 4 and 6(i.e. Primary backup and Secondary Restore since I got the latest backup from the Secondary anyway - i.e. will the Secondary complain if I make it into a Secondary again without doing a restore?)

Any opinions appreciated. Thanks.