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    Red face Unanswered: clsoe browser

    Dear All

    Does anyone one know how to clsoe IE?

    I'm using the onbeforeunload event which works fine but i don't want a dialog box to show, also I don't want the code to run when the backbutton is pressed, i only want the code to run when the (X) in the top right of the browser is clicked

    This is what i'm using so far, a basic example
    function closeIt()
    event.returnValue = "Are you sure you want to close the browser";
    //event.returnValue = false;
    <BODY onbeforeunload="closeIt()">

    any help?

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    Re: clsoe browser

    It's not ASP code, but JavaScript.


    But here's the problem, if you're closing a browser window the user opened, they will get a popup saying "This webpage is attempting to close your browser, do you want to?" (or along those lines) - this is a security feature. Now, if you create the window in JavaScript, you can close it without getting a popup box.
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    If you do not want the security prompt, do the following:

    window.opener = null;

    Is this a flaw? I aint sure.
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    That's magic! Great! My answer was the same as seppuku's

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