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    Question Unanswered: Benchmarks for high volume data pulling on Oracle 9i

    Hi Folks,

    Intend to read data from a table that get populated all the 24 hours. Then for every 1000 records perform a write on to a file.

    Projected volume is of the order of 40 million records in a month.

    Can any of you please provide any benchmarks on high volume data pulling.

    Environment : Oracle 9i server on Solaris 8

    It would be great if any of you could help me with this data !!! You will make my life.

    Thank you and regards,
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    There are too many variables, like the size of tables, your server, network, disk etc to get anything meaningful. I find the best way is always benchmark your own application and see how it performs on different spec machines if they are available. However looking at the task it doesnt look particularly difficult for even for a low spec server.

    A couple of points though, if you have that volume of data then partition it. The disk where you write too should not have any other oracle datafiles on it if possible (or any other disk activity) if performance is an issue. Keep the size of the file you are writting to a minimum i.e. dont pad lines out to a set line size using spaces (sqlplus is good at this if you dont switch off this feature). There are probably plenty of other things you can do once you get your test environment to try things out on.


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