I read the Oracle Note 235118.1 "Using XA in an OPS/RAC
Environment", some of the information presented in it
seems to run counter to what we are observing in our

I had some questions on that.

My Environment:
Oracle 9.2 RAC
WebLogic Server 8.1
Oracle Thin & OCI XA drivers
HP 9000 HP-UX

1. According to this note, I cannot call xa_commit()
on RAC node 2 if xa_prepare() has been previously
done on RAC node 1. (RAC node 1 was crashed after
the xa_prepare() was done).

I am able to call xa_commit() on RAC node 2 fine.

2. According to the note, I must call xa_open with
"OPS_FAILOVER=T" and xa_recover() before proceeding
with using RAC node 2 after node 1 has crashed.

I don't do that explicitly. why should this be done?
is it only to wait while recovery is being done?

we are using Oracle JDBC drivers. do they internally
do this themselves?

thanks in advance!