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    Unanswered: ASP 'n Access Issues


    Here is yet another ASP/Access error 80004005 and thanks for the time. If you are going to respond please read the whole post though.


    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
    [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Could not use '(unknown)'; file already in use.

    /q.asp, line 15

    Now, of the myriad and more obvious reasons this occurs when more than one recordset(RS) is created in ASP.

    When this script is executed, it alternates between failing at the SECOND RS declaration, a reload fails at the FIRST RS and continues to alternate.

    I have a feeling that new MS patches are causing some kinf of tightened security or other. The DSN checks out with proper rights and there is not an error in the connection string.

    Anyone seeing this phenom?

    See the code below:

    <!--#include file="Connections/connNonProd.asp" -->
    var rsStates = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset");
    rsStates.ActiveConnection = MM_connNonProd_STRING;
    rsStates.Source = "SELECT * FROM tblStates";
    rsStates.CursorType = 0;
    rsStates.CursorLocation = 2;
    rsStates.LockType = 3;
    var rsStates_numRows = 0;
    var rsTypes = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset");
    rsTypes.ActiveConnection = MM_connNonProd_STRING;
    rsTypes.Source = "SELECT * FROM tblCreditCardTypes";
    rsTypes.CursorType = 0;
    rsTypes.CursorLocation = 2;
    rsTypes.LockType = 3;
    var rsTypes_numRows = 0;
    var Repeat1__numRows = -1;
    var Repeat1__index = 0;
    rsStates_numRows += Repeat1__numRows;
    var Repeat2__numRows = -1;
    var Repeat2__index = 0;
    rsStates_numRows += Repeat2__numRows;

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    I have also attempted to use different cursor type, but the problem seems to lie elsewhere. A single RS works totally fine.

    DB type is Access // IIS w/o .net

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    I think there might be something wrong in Connections/connNonProd.asp since the database file couldn't be found.
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