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    Unanswered: Update Web Page Remotely

    Hi, i have a website written in ASP, and my boss wants to have it so that on the home page, to have a section where he can just type up a message and be able to automaticaly post it within a section of that page.

    Items required:
    > The most secure way to do this?
    > The simplist way to do this?

    Process Requested:
    > Ability to send message to Section of Home page, by typing message on local PC, then sending it up.
    > Restricted access to this section by IP only.

    Any suggestion would be very helpfull,

    Thanks a million,

    ASP Newbie ( i kinda got thrown into this)

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    Put up a form on a page your boss can enter the message required. You can add basic security/authentication to a page that will verify the IP of the request.

    Write the form data to a file and use this as an include on the ASP page.

    If you have a database accessable, you can also do basic authentication against that and use it to store the user credentials for a login process. You could also use the db to store the new message and a default. FYI you don't need Access or Oracle, you can use a simple CSV file created with Excel or manually.

    Are you thinking about straight text input or are you looking for something like an updateable scroller or something else entirely?

    hope this helps, good luck!

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