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    Unanswered: row level update and inserts

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    Re: row level update and inserts

    Originally posted by babums
    I need help.
    I have two tables A and B both of same structure and type.
    I need to insert all the records in A which are not in B(look by primary key). also if i found a match for record in table A with a record in B (based on PK) i need to copy the A record to B record. How can you do this by using cursors by row level updates and inserts..

    thanks in advance
    This can be done with only two pure SQL statements
    and no explicit cursors.
    Therefore I'm compelled to ask,
    which school, class & instructor assigned this trivial problem?
    It appears you were not pay attention in class or
    did not do your reading assignment.

    When all else fails, RTFM!

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