hi every body. I am facing a serious problem in retreiving the excel file stored as image data in SQL Server 2000 using JDBC-ODBC bridge driver.

Using setBytetream() i am able to store the excel file in the database, but when i want to retrive it using the following code the NotSupportedException() is thrown.

sQuery="select excel_file_field from excel_f_table where id=1"
Statement stat = con.createStatement();
rs = stat.executeQuery(sQuery);

File file = new File("c:/excel/repotrFile.xls");
FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(file);

Blob blob = rs.getBlob(1,(int)blob.(getBytes().length()));

Waiting for response.

Thanks to all.

Can it possible to get the image data stored as excel file and directly open it in client browser without storing it as file in server side file system.