Hi every body,

I have a few questions regarding external tables

Q1.I need to import data in an OracleDB(Oracle 9i,Release 2,OS-Win2K,Professional) from an excel file(.xls format). I can import the file through external tables provided the file is in .csv format.But the source file is in .xls and that is the restriction.Can it be done with the help of external tables?

Q2. Data can be imported with the help of external tables provide there is a delimiter which delimits each column value.Can it be done by position as in sqlldr?

Q3.In case of external table is it compulsory for the directory(in which my file is present i.e the .dat or.csv file) to be present in the physical file system of the server.Can't it be present in the file system of the client machine and I create a logical mapping of the file from the server?