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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to write a fiel to a txt file

    Hallo everybody,

    I have created a access form with 4 fields.
    ex : name ,adress ,fax ,gsm

    When i am in this form ,i would to create a button who write's only the name and adress from this form to a text file.

    text file must be on first line name and second line the adress

    Who can help me ,its verry urgent.

    Kind regards

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    Lightbulb try this

    Try the CommonDialog controle
    and look in the help for futher information

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    Re: try this

    You will have to write some VBA code. You sub should look like (the following code isn't tested!)

    dim f as integer
    let f=freefile()
    open <filename> for output as #f
    print #f, <Your name>
    print #f, <Your address>
    close #f

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