I'm having a problem with the code below in a DTS Transformation. It works fine with any numbers that are in the "Dial" table that it references - but if the dialing code is not there but is still a valid number it bombs out. Ideally i would like it to put unknown in the description and move on to the next row

Is there any way to do this? i appologise in advance if this is something simple - its only my first attempt at a DTS package...

Option Explicit
Function Main()
Dim DialCode
Dim FirstDigit
Dim SecDigit
Dim arrNumStuff
FirstDigit = Left( DTSSource("ClipNumber") , 1)
SecDigit = Mid( DTSSource("ClipNumber") , 2 , 1 )
DTSDestination("Called Number") = DTSSource("ClipNumber")

If DTSSource("Flag") = "O " then

If FirstDigit = 0 And SecDigit <> 0 then

DialCode = Left( DTSSource("ClipNumber") , 5 )
arrNumStuff = DTSLookups("NumDetails").Execute(DialCode)
DTSDestination("Call type") = arrNumStuff(0)
DTSDestination("Description") = arrNumstuff(1)


DTSDestination("Call type") = Null
DTSDestination("Description") = "Local or Speaking Clock"

End If


DTSDestination("Call type") = Null
DTSDestination("Description") = Null

End If

Main = DTSTransformStat_OK
End Function

The Lookup it references is as follows:

SELECT [Call Type], Destination
WHERE ([Dialled String] = ?)