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    Question MSMQ SDK Undocumented

    I found what I need: MSSdk on undocumeted API fuctions that helps me to see outgoing messages bodies in NT4.0. BUT.... When I compiled and linked my test program and ran it on NT4.0 system throw exception:

    "The procedure entry point MQMgmtGetInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library MQRT.dll"

    I searched for this in mqrt.dll, but there is not such exported function. Can someone help me?

    My config: NT4.0, SP6.0, Option Pack installed.

    Appropriate part of SDK documentation:

    "Building applications using this API requires the following:
    1. Include “MQMGMT.H” in the application’s source file
    2. Linking your application:
    Windows NT 4.0: the MSMQ 1.0 run-time library (MQRT.LIB) as released in Windows NT 4.0 Server Enterprise Edition or the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack does not expose the local admin APIs – to successfully link applications using this API, you need to use a version of MQRT.LIB provided by Microsoft since summer 1999.
    Windows 2000: the local admin API is already part of MQRT.LIB for Windows 2000, as ships in the Windows 2000 Platform SDK
    3. Running your application:
    Windows NT 4.0: the local admin API is supported on Windows NT 4.0 only if Service Pack 4 (or later) is applied.
    Windows 2000: any Windows 2000 build is appropriate
    4. Note that the MQMgmtAction and MQPurgeQueue API require local administrator’s privilege."

    What's happens?
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    Re: MSMQ SDK Undocumented

    mmm ... Good luck with your MSMQ application ...

    I have lost messages using MSMQ ... Of course that was 3.5 years back ... Hopefully, the product has imporved now ..

    (As this forum is for 'Chit Chat', I think this message is OK)

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