I've just discovered the forums and I have a question that is related to MS Access 2002/SQL Anywhere/SQL Server.
I don't know if I put this question on the right forum but anyway I do it.

We are using Access to create a Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5 database from a MS SQL Server 8.0 database.
So therefore, MS Access 2002 is used. In the process, we are using the TransferDatabase method of Access.
So the command is like this '
DoCmd.TransferDatabase A_EXPORT, "ODBC Database", <db>, acTable, <source table>, <target table>

Before using Access 2002, we were using Access 97 and with that old version, the varchar fields were create as such on SQL Anywhere. With Access 2002, it is not the case anymore.

I know that with this 'TransferDatabase' process, we have to add index, not null properties, etc... on the SQL Anywhere database (we have a post script that is doing that). So I want to avoid doing in that post script hundreds of ALTER TABLE <table_name> MODIFY <field_name> varchar(<length>)... because on a big database it takes HOURS.

So the question is simple.
Am I missing something that could force Access to generate 'varchar' when needed ?
If no, how can we do it at a low performance cost ?

I will only be back on tuesday.

Till later