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    Unanswered: NEW TO SQL LOADER need to create ctl dynamically

    I am attempting to create a form that can do a few things

    FIRST create a ctl file for SQL Loader, problem is the data for the ctl file
    1. comes in an excel file
    2. columns are never the same or in the same order (2 required on the table are there but never in the same place)
    3. some of the columns are nulls on the input
    Basically I need to dynamically create the CTL file based on what is, is not, on the input unless there is a way to ignore null cols.

    DATA has char, date and number values

    SECOND once the data is loaded to (I'll use a temp table), the data would display to the user on a form, the user would then pick and choose and fields that are 'fixed' for loading to multiple tables(also not a problem)

    THIRD pick which tables to update(not a problem)

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    This is a script that I use. I have to change it sometimes to fit
    specific needs, but maybe you can use it as a starting point

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