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    I have an Access aplication that generates 2 emails. One to the user, and one to a Technician. We are using Office XP Pro. Unfortunately, Outlook 2002 comes up with an annoying diologue box saying "A program is trying to send email on your behalf, do you want to allow this?" and you have to wait til the bar gets to the end and then you can select yes. Is there any way around this? I'm thinking not since it's a email virus deterant. I would use windows messaging for this, but not all of my workstations are NT based. Some are 98. Anyone have an idea how to send 2 messages without confusing the user?

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    workaround: save the mail as draft and send later from outlook. you then only get the single dialog: allow access for X minutes, and can happily "mail" ( draft) 1000 mails without waiting 5 seconds on each.

    obviously this is only helpful if you have a clean drafts folder!

    now we need a outook guru to write a SendAllMsgsInDrafts tool, but until then, you can easily beat 1 send per 5 seconds by manually sending from the drafts folder

    there are tools that side-slip outlook security but i confess that i lost the url ...anyhow your it-security folk will be miffed if you install these things


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