I am running an Oracle Server on an Windows NT4.0 server.

We currently are running about 30 small database instances on the NT box.

When I try to start an additional Oracle instance, I get the message "Could not start the service on xxxxxx. Error 0231: All pipe instances are busy". If I shut down one of the currently running instances, I can start another one, I just can't go over a certain total number of these services.

I have found some references that say that Oracle creates a Named Pipe ("ORAPIPE") and that it has a parameter called nMaxInstances which can be set to "PIPE_UNLIMITED_INSTANCES", but I can't figure out where to make this configuration change. Any help would be appreciated. Would changing my protocol to straight TCP/IP solve this issue? I have also found a parameter called "USE_SHARED_SOCKET" but am uncertain of where to set this.

Any help would be appreciated.