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    Question Unanswered: Oracle Form join with Substr

    Dear all,

    how is it possible to join 2 tables in Oracle Form based on their substring value?

    Here is what I Have in the

    delvno = 'WA0192001'
    batchno = 'A0192001'

    select B.batchno from del.deliver1 A, tma21 B WHERE SUBSTR(A.delvno,2,3) = SUBSTR(B.batchno,1,3).

    I want to join them with the A01 key.

    Thanks a ton and in advance.

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    Re: Oracle Form join with Substr

    Firstly join the 2 blocks based on column names...
    Then go and edit the block level triggers that Forms creates for the relation ship....

    Change the where clause there to your SUBSTR one ...

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