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    Unanswered: Tablespace Quotas on Users

    Hello Friends,

    I am using oracle 9i and wanted to know one thing which I noticed,
    I created a user and assigned a default tablespace to it with quota as 0.
    Inspite of having 0 spacesize assigned to the user I am able to create objects in to it and insert rows in tables.

    sql>create user test identified by test default tablespace users quota 0 on users;
    sql>grant connect,resource to test
    sql>connect test/test
    sql>create table test(i char(200)) tablespace users;
    sql>insert into test values('dadasdasdadadaddassdfs');
    sql>1 row created.
    sql>insert into test select * from test;
    sql>2 rows created.

    how come.

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    Because of this:

    grant connect, resource to test

    Resource grants unlimited tablespace.

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