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    Talking Unanswered: Query saves data to table..

    I have a little problem and it goes like this

    I have a query that links to a form and it looks up categories such as city's that people live in etc.. the problem is when thuis information is retrieved and the form is closed again somehow any information that has been specified is saved to the first record in the original table changing it's current town for example to the town queried.

    This only seems to affect the first record?

    odd one, has anyone got any ideas?

    Cheers Y'all


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    The way that I was able to solve this problem is to make a new table with a combo box using the wizard and enteing in your own data yes you want a key.

    Then when you make your form with your new look up using the data from the new data, go into the properties and click "no" to navagation buttons and record selectors.

    Then this way new records will not be entered in the table that you originally made.

    Then aim your query at this new form to compare the data.

    Good Luck


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