Calculations do not work- Help!
Working on 7000 record database. Up to 5 New license numbers apply to each record. each Lic. Number costs $9.00 per. All number fields in structure are "Number" Properties set to "Currency, When I make a field to total numbers such as =[1afee]+[2afee] numbers add to $18.00, when I put an additional field calc on such as =[1afee]+[2afee]+[3afee] the field now is blank, will not add the third on. Wanted to add the 5 fields together on Report and on Form. If one license purchased, $9.00 shows, If two licenses purchased $18.00 shows, If three - $27.00 shows, etc. Why does the two show and add, and the third or more just shows a blank. Most people buy one "Dog License" some buy 2, some 3, some 4, a few buy five. I wish the input form to echo the amount of fees she has entered so by eye, they will know they entered the proper amount of dollars. Can justify cash drawer at end of day this way. Holds down input user error visually.