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    Very Simple Question

    Hi everyone

    Iam very new to database. I want to know:

    ---6 potential benefits of database approach compared to conventional file system

    ---5 additional costs or risks associated with the database approach

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    so you want you homework done for you then.


    Indexing, searching, data integrity, data mining, little or no repetition, speed, security, storage space, complex calculations, error reduction, data filtering, data monitoring, time saving...

    However I wouldn't mind betting you need to justify those answers and write an essay or somesuch so my answer is less then useless to you. You need only think for a few seconds as I did and a hundred answers come readily to mind.

    Here's the real b'stard two of my answers are the same thing, one is wrong for a subtle reason and one is only correct for a given range of use.
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