Hi All

We are running production box with informix 9.21 on solaris, the present database has installed with DATABLADES
(ETX,LLD adn TXT) but we are not using any blobs, clobs ,rowdatatypes etc in our database.
Separate webserevr running tomcat.

We got a new database server for a better performance with more memory and disks ,we have installed
the same version of informix on new box without creating SBSPACES.

We have migrate the database to new server adn put on production.

For testing , i did dbexport from the present server, edited the .sql file removed all the code related to
datablade procedures, tables, functions, datatypes etc. Did dbimport on new server, and our application
looks working fine.

We want to run our application on new server without datablades and sbspaces.
Is the above method is fine to migrate the database, or do i need to lok at any other areas?
And also could you please suggest how do i put the new database server for load testing?
So that i can do some performance measure.

Any ideas, suggestions will be much appreciated!!!
Thanks Heaps
Kalpana Pai