Hi there.
I am implementing MS SQLServer 2000, Replication, and I have some troubles, such as: I have got two computers, using Windows 2000 server. and both have Microsoft SQL Server 2000. When I implemented Repilcation (Snapshot), I configure one computer as a Publisher and Distributor, the other as a Subscriber. And I made a PUSH subscription. It is all right, and at the \\subcriber\Replication\Subscription, there is an instance of my Push replication. When I want to delete this subscription, I do that at the Publisher, it is right, but the instance of my Push replication at the \\subcriber\Replication\Subscription doesn't disappear. I canot delete it until I remove SQL Server and Reinstall it.
Can you help me know why, and can you tell me how I can delete this without reinstall SQL Server.

Thank you in advance