Greeting’s to all,

I’m trying to configure MS ODBC driver for DB2 using APPC connection (driver comes from MS Host Integration), when I click Test Connection I get this message "Network Error, Driver’s SQLSetConnectAttr failed". Although TCP/IP test connection is successful somehow we want the APPC connection.

I listed the details of our configuration below, any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Windows 2000 Server SP4
MS Host Integration Server 2000 SP1
MS SQL 2000 SP3a
AS400 V4R2, Client Access 5763XW1

Microsoft ODBC Driver for DB2 configuration:
Data Source Name – AS400
APPC local LU alias – PUMA
APPC remote LU alias – S4410C1A
APPC mode name – QPCSUPP

Microsoft SNA Manager configuration:

SNA Service (Active)
Network Name – APPN
Control Point Name – PUMA

Connections – AS400 (Active)
Name – AS400
Link Service – SnaDlc1
Remote End – Peer system
Allowed Directions – Outgoing calls
Activation – On Server Startup
Remote Network Address – 420000000001
Remote SAP Address – 0x04
Local Node:
Network Name – APPN
Control Point Name – PUMA
Local Node ID – 05D FFFFF
XID Type – Format 3
Remote Node:
Network Name – APPN
Control Point Name – S4410C1A
Remote Node ID – Blank
Peer DLC Role – Negotiable

LU Alias – PUMA
Network Name – APPN
LU Name – PUMA
Member of default outgoing local APPC LU pool–checked
LU 6.2 Type - Independent

Remote APPC LUs – S4410C1A
Connection – AS400
LU Alias – S4410C1A
Network Name – APPN
Uninterpreted Name - ETHLINE
Support Parallel Session – checked
Enable SynchPoint – checked

Work with configuration status (from AS400)
Server1 – Active
Ethline – Active
Puma – Varied On