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    Crystal Reports using Peachtree data

    A friend of mine has a small business(1) and using Peachtree. He asked me if I would help him do a couple of reports in Crystal Reports. I do not know either one but do know Access and work with Oracle databases at work)...
    The reports he wants are very general... mostly inventory... who bought what when and in alpha order.... sum up sales by customer.. not too bad.

    I have loaded both PEachtree and Crystal Reports.

    My questions are:
    How to I access his data that is in 'peachtree' so that I see it in Crystal Reports.
    The other question is once I see his data in crystal, is there a way that existing reports in Crystal I can copy/tie to his peachtree data?
    Once I have all of the report done and tested, how do you fire off the 'icon' in peachtree to print the crystal report that I did?

    I do appreciate you responding and thank you in advance...

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    Post Re: Crystal Reports using Peachtree data

    Peachtree comes with Crystal Reports, for running its reports. To find out where the Peachtree data is, search for the .rpt files in Peachtree already, open them in Crystal and Check the database connections, should give you the location of the data. To have the print icon load the report, see if you can see Which report it is running. You should be able to backup that report and replace with new one, or create a new icon, linking it to the report.

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