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    Exclamation Unanswered: Access file not responding!


    I have a problem with an Access database that is turning me crazy!
    If anyone can help I appreciate it.

    I am using an Acess database as file-server. the file is an .mdb that is located on the network (number of users about 15).

    The file has been working fine for a long time. But lately I noticed that sometimes when I dbl-click the file name (to open the application) the file does not respond (I can see the .ldb file being created but no access on the screen). I am using a work group file (for security).

    When I open windows task manager I can see that access is running. I have to kill the process to be able to try again and run the application.

    The problem is not consistant .. sometimes it happens and sometimes the file works fine! .. I have no clue why this is happening.


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    Re: Access file not responding!

    Make a habit of a regular Debug & Compile.

    Select compact on close from Access Options.

    This should keep your database in trim.

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