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    Unhappy Unanswered: Oracle Form, String(text), display

    Hello everyone,

    I have the following table with 2 fields, one is check box, one is batchno.
    the user wants to see what they selected. But I do not know what to do....

    X A12345
    X B77553
    X C6699

    User wants to see

    | A12345, B77553, C6699 |

    displayed back on the form, doesn't matter using what format
    Display box is ok, text item is fine, as long as the user can see what they selecte in that one box.

    How could I possible be doing this..

    Please help


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    You want to display all selected items before commit time, so the user can decides whether it is right or not.

    First of all, you will have to figure out at what time you want it to show, so you can define the correct trigger. The use of a message box can be fine, but has a limit of 255 karakter.

    You could also use an extra text field in the form, and using the when validate record trigger to write the batchno if selected to the extra text field.
    Like this:

    if :blockname.ck_value='Y' --(or whatever the value may be)
    :blockname.extra_text_field := :blockname.extra_text_field||:blockname.batchno.
    end if;

    So every time a user selects an bactchno (ck_value becomes Y) then the line in the extra_text_field is added with the batchno.
    Then the line gets longer and longer en the can look at it at any time.

    The third way is to loop over the fields at a certain time, but that is a little harder to do.

    Good luck.


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