Simplied explaination ... I am converting 2 dataflex files into an access database. I open a new access db, I've created an odbc data source (with a dataflex driver) to the 2 files ..... and then import those to files into 2 tables.

Problem ....
Table 'B' is linked to table 'A'. In table 'B' there is a field that represents the record number of table 'A' that it is linked to. It says "14366". Yet, when I look in table 'A', the ordinal position of that record is "11684". I've open "file" 'A' in a hex editor and the record is indeed in the 11684th position. I don't know how to resolve these 2 records together in access.

BTW, I know almost nothing about dataflex.

Could it be that the recordnumber in table 'B' represents a different kind of indexing on table 'A'? How would I resolve that if that is what it is?

Anyways, thanks for any kind of help in advance.

Steve Kasputis