Im making a C++ Flat Database and Im curious on everyones opinions on it. This program will be used by a local camp to keep track of campers info and will hold about 1000 entries, and in every entry there is about 70 feilds. Right now the entries are defined by a class, person and stored in an array.

class person{
char* text[55];
double nums[7];
bool checks[3];

And Then a stl-vector holds all of the people. The database is saved in a flat text file. This text file stores every person with a newline dividing people and a $ dividing feilds.
1$Ralph$Smith$444-444-4444$.... \n
2$Bob$Bobbinson$444-555-6666..... \n

Is this an O.K. Solution for a DB that might hold up to 2000 people? I know PHP and MySQL would have been better but it wasnt an option, and insight would be very helpfull.