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    Unanswered: URGENT!!!How to filter more than 3 criteria to get specific record??

    Dear GURUS,
    I have 2 forms ( frmTask & DiaryPlannerfrm)which have bounded table( Task Folders & DiaryPlannertbl)
    Primary key for Task Folders is TaskID
    Part ONE
    In form DiaryPlannerfrm I have textboxes for time which have properties name as follow0700,0730,0800,0830,0900
    etc .
    In this form,there are textbox for name[Text89] but the table bound to this field name is Emp Name.
    There are also Subform where there is an ActiveX called ActiveXCtl343.
    Part Two
    In form frmTask, there are many fields.All we need is 3 field in this form in order to get specific record,for read-only.
    They are Due Date,Time Start & Surveyor
    User will select a date from ActiveXCtl343 in subform and also a drop down list [Text89] to select name.
    Then the user will dblclick on textbox on specific time that they want E.g: 0700
    When dblclick I want it to run the filter and find the specific record in Task Folders(tbl for frmTask)if they found the SPECIFIC record then open frmTask to show the record. If not then "record not found".
    Basically, if Due Date = ActiveXCtl343 and
    if Time Start = 0700 and
    if Surveyor = Text89 then OPEN frmTask
    If there is any more question feel free to ask.

    This is really urgent, near to getting kick in the ass!!
    Please help if can , anybody!!

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    Hi liwan,

    I have a similar situation for a client but approach it quite differently.

    If no replies I'll get back to you to-morrow.



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    Hi liwan,

    Sorry to be late getting back to you.

    On re reading you post the way I handle this would complicate things so I'll suggest the following.

    Base the frmTask on a query, qryTask querying Table Task Folders.

    The criteria for Surveyor would be =[Forms]![DiaryPlannerfrm]![Text89]

    The criteria for Due Date would be =[Forms]![DiaryPlannerfrm]!DairyPlannerfrm NameofSubform]![ActiveXCtl343]

    Now the problem is referring to the time.

    As you have seperate textboxes rather than a combo I would suggest you add a new textbox called TimeStart and make it invisible.

    For each of your textboxes on the event dblclick

    Me![TimeStart] = Me![0700] (change the 0700 to match the other textbox's]

    Now in the qry,

    The criteria for Time Start would be =[Forms]![DiaryPlannerfrm]![TimeStart]

    Hope this helps,


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