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    Unanswered: Types of Systems?


    What are Development Systems, Production Systems, OLTP Systems, DSS(Decision Support Systems) ,and Hybrid Systems?

    I came across these systems while going tru' PERFORMANCE TUNING CHAPTER. I'm a complete neophyte in this module.

    I'll apprecaite if anybody can explain & give me egs. of the above systems.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rakesh Sharma.

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    Is there a simple explanation to this? Also no hard and fast rules. Some pointers would help.

    Development systems!?? -> Should be development environment. ie. where the "system" is developed by developers.

    Production system!?? -> Should be production environment. This is where our developed system has to go eventually. The developed system is moved to the production environment once development is completed. End users connect to this environment, not to your development one.

    The other three terms classify your "systems".

    OLTP -> Online transaction Processing. any transaction processing system you can imagine. Payroll, inventory, list is endless. They process transactions, Lot of add,modify, delete operations takes place in OLTP systems.

    DSS -> Decision support systems. Simple terms, this could be seen as a datawarehouse like system. There are not many add/modify/delete operations. It is a warehouse of data and is mainly used for query and reporting purpose. Infact, DSS systems are created from OLTP systems.

    Hybrid-> Mix of OLTP and DSS.

    Any of the above systems can be in a development or production environment at a point in time. If under development, they should be in a development environment, afterwards should be moved to a production one.

    Hope you got what i mean.

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    Arrow OLTP and OLAP


    With regards with the OLTP and OLAP and hybrid, I would like to share that when u install Oracle, by default it uses a hybrid system, which is a combination of OLTP and OLAP.

    OLTP is used where u have a large number of hit ratio and need real time processing, and it involves lots of inserts/updates to the DB.

    OLAP is used where the information remains static over a period of time (hit ratio for inserts and updates is quite less). It is mainly used for systems, which lots of Select queries for building reports.

    Do write if you have more questions.
    Thanx and Regards

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